The Climate of Tomorrow

The University of Innsbruck publishes a magazine showcasing the research, and people behind the research, done in Innsbruck. In the latest issue a climate change vizualisation developed by Ben Marzeion was published. The explaining text (in German) is by Christian Flatz:

Greenhouse gas emissions are changing the climate. How much? That depends on our actions. If we do business as usual, Innsbruck will climatically move to the Balkan, Hamburg will become mediterranean, Paris and Vienna will move to Northern Africa (red areas). If the world is successful in limiting the global warming to 2 degrees Celcius, the climate will stay more similar to pre-industrial conditions (blue areas).

For this vizualisation, climate parameters like annual mean temperature, seasonalities of temperature and precipitation, and annual precipitation sums were analyzed to identify those regions that today have the climate the resembles the future climate of the respective city best.